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How to Avoid Getting Sucked into the Lowest Vibration (with Video)


Are you the lowest vibration in the room?

Have you ever been in a meeting where 8 people in the room are really showing up and feeling great, but one or two people seem to be committed to taking all of the energy in the room? They’re unengaged, slumping, buried in their phones, grousing? That’s the lowest vibration in the room. And it has the gravity of a collapsed star.

Pretty soon the 8 excited people in the meeting start to glom onto the low energy. They start to feel the low vibration and climb onto the complaints. The energy in the room starts to sink, and everyone walks out of the room feeling tired and frustrated...and it ripples through your whole day.

What just happened? The lowest vibration WON. And if you’re not being present, it’ll win every time.

It’s a black hole. The lowest vibration is just that compelling to sink into.

So let’s commit NOW to NOT being that lowest vibration in the room!

5 Ways Avoid Falling Victim to the Lowest Vibration

  1. Notice your own energy when you walk into a room.
  2. Do a presence reboot and set your intention before you even open the door.
  3. Notice where other people are...and then hold YOUR energetic state, no matter how other people in the room are acting.
  4. Model the energy and the vibration you'd like to see in the room. This is your best shot at bringing others up.
  5. Check in and see what your team needs.

Follow these steps yourself, or guide your team through these steps, to improve your leadership and maximize your impact — in your business, and in your life.

What to Do When the Lowest Vibration Wins [Video]

How do YOU want to #ShowUp?

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