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Are You New to the IEP Method®?

If you're new to learning about the IEP Method, here are some resources to help get you acquainted with the premise of the framework. 

What is the IEP Method?

The IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence®) is ACI’s proprietary methodology and impact model at the heart of our leadership and training programs. Your IEP is the energy you bring to the room and how people experience you each and every moment.

There are three main components of the IEP Methodology:

  • Rebooting your presence
  • Building a strong energetic field and foundation
  • Creating intentional impact

Creating a solid Intentional Energetic Presence will inspire you to take initiative in your life, collaborate more effectively, show up more powerfully, create the impact you want — AND honor your well-being while doing so. Plus, through intentional leadership and the IEP framework, you can help create a positively contagious workplace culture! 


Check out a video overview of the IEP Method here:



The IEP Method is simple, yet incredibly impactful. It's all about being intentional about your energy and presence. It's about showing up in the world in a way that honors your thoughts, emotions, and intentions. At its core, IEP is about building a strong energetic field and foundation so that you can navigate the stress and ambiguity of modern life.

How Can I Use the IEP Method at Work?

From conflict navigation to performance reviews, there are many ways to utilize the IEP Method at work. For example:

Have you ever been in a meeting where one person seems to drain the energy from the entire room? Practicing the IEP Method and using the corresponding support tools can provide you with the power to shift the energy in the room and still create a successful and productive session!

Watch this video to see how your IEP can impact a meeting:



Ready to learn more about the IEP Method and how it can help support you and your organization? Here are some additional resources to check out:

About the IEP Method

The Financial & Cultural Cost of IEP (or no IEP)

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How to learn more:

  • Join us for our next invite-only Executive Forum, designed for executives and senior leaders who are responsible for culture, leadership, innovation, and performance. Request an invitation here.

  • If your team or organization is experiencing challenges with lost time, retention, collaboration, leadership, burnout, or engagement, it’s very possible that the “problem” is not the problem you may think. Your eco-system and organizational “IEP” may need some attention. Contact us to schedule a conversation to explore how we might help.

  • If you’d like to keep ACI in mind for future strategic support, we’d be delighted to connect. Contact us to schedule a capabilities briefing. We’ll spend some time learning about your company and share an overview of our offerings so we can more easily work together when you are ready for our services.

Become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace 

Join us on this transformative journey to create workplaces where everyone thrives, performs at their best, and drives lasting impact!


Contact us today to learn more about ACI’s available program tracks, and how you can begin the journey to earn your IEP Method credentials and build a Certified Positive Energy Workplace.


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