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Optimizing your virtual presence now

As we become more and more virtually-based (V), leading team meetings, having 1:1's, teaching, speaking, dating, relating, and all things human connection over pixels, our Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) + (V) is more important than ever. After all, we now have to create safety and connection ON a screen in little boxes, hundreds and thousands of miles away from each other, and sometimes just next door. This is no small feat. However, it can be done beautifully. 


First, I hope you are safe and healthy, and that your family and team are as well. 


Second, I really hope you'll dig into all the resources and programs and social media clips and posts we've been making, especially this last month, to support you in moving through this time. Take a look at our store here. Check out my Instagram and follow me here (for fun and more personal stuff). And, connect with me/follow on LinkedIn here (for more culture and leadership stuff).


Okay, now let's dig into your IEP-V...


One of the things I'm most grateful for right now during this time is that we can work virtually, that we can still see each other, and that so many things that we once thought required us to be in rooms together to do, just don't. We CAN do things virtually, and well. (Though don't get me wrong, I am deeply missing being with you and people in rooms, and hugs... oh the hugs!)


While we continue our virtual ways (which I believe will be a new way of working long beyond when we have this COVID-19 thing handled), there are several things to pay attention to now -- even more intentionally -- in order to set yourself up well.


In this video I speak to some of the big more obvious ones from an IEP perspective, like your background, your environment, the set up, and general etiquette. I also dig into some of the not so obvious ones, like creating safe space, real connection, risk-taking, getting people present, creating agreements, and more. 



This is a simple, yet complex topic, and has many details and nuanced things to pay attention to. I've created this one page infographic (opt-in here to receive) to give you a couple of places to look and think about as you prepare for your next meeting. If you would like more direction on this, I encourage you to get a copy of our VIRTUAL PRESENCE & MEETING IEP TOOLKIT & PROGRAM for a comprehensive fieldwork guide with videos, exercises, and more to make you and your team more PRESENT, effective, and sane when you meet. 

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