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#ProjectImpeccable: Create a Stronger Foundation and Improve Your Leadership

Hello! I’ve been excited and surprised by the response to the upcoming #ProjectImpeccable program that starts on 1/26. I wasn’t sure, when we released it, how many people we'd get or who would show up - it's been fun to watch the unfolding of what is quickly become one of my favorite and most meaningful projects!

Hello! I’ve been excited and surprised by the response to the upcoming #ProjectImpeccable program that starts on 1/26. I wasn’t sure, when we released it, how many people we'd get or who would show up - it's been fun to watch the unfolding of what is quickly become one of my favorite and most meaningful projects!

Why is it going so well? Well... I think the price point can't be beat, it's a limited amount of time, you can do it self-paced and in your jams. But more than anything, I think people are wanting to play and to dig into what “impeccability”  really means for themselves. 

Show Up Powerfully and Authentically

Working with private clients yesterday there was this gorgeous running theme on every call (totally coincidental, I didn't plant the theme or stir it - it just showed up). The theme was this... the clearer they've gotten in ether own leadership and energetic hygiene and self-care and personal integrity, the more powerfully and authentically they’ve been able to Show Up.

The more they Show Up, the easier their business decisions become, the better their “problems”, and the greater their ability to collaborate and influence others in solving problems and making decisions. Both at work, AND at home. Their confidence and impact are up-leveling, not just because they're doing great work, but because they're more grounded, they're working their stuff, and their self trust is growing.

This is phenomenal. And exciting. And it is the driving reason for #ProjectImpeccable.

Personal Integrity, Leadership Hygiene, & Confidence

The beauty of yesterday’s theme is that no one was doing it for them or making them do it. 

Integrity, intentionality, presence, self-care? These are all things we have the power to own and do for ourselves. We get to chose. It’s something we can actively work on, love up, tend to, and strengthen everyday. And what’s even more beautiful about this is that these are all things that no one can “take away” from us. So often people think that confidence is something that others give us. Sure, external feedback is important and can help, but at the end of the day, the strongest kind of confidence comes from personal integrity, authentic presence, intentionality, self-care and being our word with ourselves.

When we’ve got this going, we can flow more. Choose cleaner. Lead. It’s easier to see where we want (or need) to shift, where we need TLC, what’s really “ours” (feelings, emotions, beliefs) vs. others, where we’re getting in our own way, where we’re not Showing Up, or where we’re Showing Up like a rock star. When we take care of ourselves and keep our fields “clear”, this is easier to see and own and act upon. When we break agreements with ourselves, go through life unconsciously, or just simply take poor care or lead from exhaustion, it’s harder to see. Harder to choose. Harder to lead.

We’re talking about energetic and leadership hygiene here. We’re talking about presence. We’re talking about you. And we’re talking about impact.

While many think that leadership is all about actions and skills (all important by the way), more deeply embedded and impacting your leadership impact (like food coloring in water), is your presence.

Your presence is your impact.

How you Show Up MATTERS.

So to be the strongest, most effective, authentic, and caring leader possible, taking care of yourself, your presence, and how you Show Up (for yourself and others) is high leverage stuff.

And it’s free. You get to choose it. And you can choose to make it Impeccable. “Impeccable” in your own way (not my way, your mom’s way, or your boss’ way -- your way. We’ll talk about this at the kick off.)

#ProjectImpeccable and IEP Live! - The Connection

If you’ve known me for a while or attended one of my talks or programs, you likely know the IEP Method®. We have our “signature” 2-day IEP Live! Leadership & Influence Intensive for people who want to participate in an experiential session where we work together on the IEP Method, present, leadership skills, collaboration, team dynamics, and all that good stuff in person. (The next one is 2/28-3/1). We have our IEP Stewardship Training Program for organizations who want to bring this work internal and have it Stewarded and taught by their internal talent (next cohort starts 2/28-3/3). And now, drumroll please, we have #ProjectImpeccable for those who want a lighter touch virtual experience that spans 60-days of self created magic and creates life and impact changing results, if you let it. (Next event, starts 1/26).

#ProjectImpeccable is an opportunity to dig into your own energetic and leadership hygiene in a simple and personal way. It’s powerful. Take a look at the video on this post and/or here’s a piece I wrote about it recently as well for a bit more 411.

Project Impeccable Q&A

We've had a few questions about the program. Here are some A's to your Q’s:

How is #PI different than IEP Live? Can I do both? Why do IEP Live if I'm doing #PI?

They're very different. They both use the IEP Method principles to support the program AND address things in different ways, at different levels of intensity, training, and experience.

#ProjectImpeccable(#PI) is a 60-day program, mostly self-paced with guardrails and guides built in to support your personal project. IEP Live! is 2 days live in a room with me with a group of people (other amazing YOUs) doing experiential work in the areas of presence, impact, purpose, IEP Fundamentals, collaboration, leadership skills, energetic hygiene, team & culture dynamics, and more. (And food… and Bulletproof coffee… so much good.)

In #PI we focus 100% on you giving you tools to clean up your own energetic hygiene for 60 days. In IEP Live! we take you deep into the IEP Method and leadership skills, get the work more fully in your body, and give you an experience that will more fully optimize your impact in ways that #PI can’t.

The 2 programs work beautifully together. I recommend you get started on #PI on 1/26, and then join me in February for IEP Live. (For now, I’ll even let you apply your $100 tuition TO the February event. You’ll get the code upon registration for #PI.)

What do I get with #PI?

A 2-hour virtual workshop with me (recorded if you can't make it), a fieldwork guide with 60-days worth of integration structures and “guardrails”, a short daily audio or video to support you on your path, and a Q&A call — at the midpoint of your 60 days — to help you with any Qs that come up and to share some more best practices. It's great to be on the live calls if you can do it, and if not, you can do the program on your own schedule (both the kick off and the Q&A calls will be recorded so you can listen to them again).

Why such a discount?

We polled people on what they thought the pricing should be on this program and got a big range for value (some really high). In the end, for this first round, we chose $100. Why? 1) Because it's been a goal of mine for a long time to provide different levels of engagement so more people can access this work (we have other ways as well on our store here). 2) This is the first time we're doing it in this format so we’re on a new adventure together. And 3) we'll be recording it and creating a product out of it so others can participate in the future without having to do the live program as well. Essentially you're getting a great price because a) I love you, b) you are my guinea pig, c) this is a fun way for all of us to pay it forward together.

Early registration for IEP Live! is open thru 1/30 and right now you can still save 20%. For #PI, registration is open thru 1/24 and is being offered at a discount as well. I hope you join me for one or both. Bonus, if you do both, you can apply your PI tuition to IEP Live.  

Love you!  AXC

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