Leadership Between the Lines

Your Intentional (or not so intentional) Energetic Presence

True story, I had to share.

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The “being” and “doing” of leadership…what’s it got to do with energy?

I like to look at leadership through several lenses; two of the most important are (1) the “being” of leadership, and (2) the “doing” of leadership. Since we’re a “doing” culture, let’s take “doing” first. The “doing” of leadership is the actions, the behaviors, the things you can “see”. The doing is what’s most often noticed, it’s easy to identify, very tangible. People like tangible. Tangible gets the press. The “being” of leadership is the presence, the feelings, the beliefs, and the energy, the things that you can’t “see”. The “being” is often referred to as soft skills and linked with emotional intelligence or people skills. (It also can be called “woo woo”, but I honestly see that less and less everyday.)

While the “doing” often gets much of the glory, the “being” is the secret sauce that makes the “doing” shine. The “being” is always present (like food coloring in water, you can’t separate it out) and, whether you realize it or not, it impacts every bit of the “doing.” The more you can be aware of, manage, and even lead the “being”, the more effective you’ll be as a leader. What is the “being”? Well it’s lots of things, and for this program we’ll be working with you and the “energy” that you bring to everything you do, as it influences your being, your vitality, and ultimately your leadership effectiveness. The more effective you are at managing your own energy and presence (on multiple levels), the better you feel, the greater your ability to positively influence people and results, and, ultimately the better your “doing” and bottom line outcomes will be. It’s all a virtuous cycle.

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32 Reasons and Then Some

Golly, 3 lists! After reflecting on why I'd come, asking my clients, and collaborating with some fellow Bootist Leaders, we've gathered 32 reasons to come. I think they're all pretty good. Take a look, see what resonates for you, and if it does, by all means, come!

1. Life seems very serious right now. Wouldn't a bit of fun mixed in with personal development and blended with tangible action plans for making your leadership more effective and more rewarding be a good way to spend two days?
2. Just getting away to "work on yourself" is a good thing to do. One of the people I talked to said that just the act of committing to getting away for 2 days to get some space and reflection time was reason enough to come.
3. I have a feeling that a year from now, you'll be kicking yourself for not having made to time to come out here and gather your thoughts, clear some mental and physical space to get grounded and help make you and your organization more effective. Really. Because what you do at this retreat will propel you further, faster in managing your energy, creating clarity and congruency, making better business decisions, and being the kind of leader you want to be. A year from now you'll look back and be glad you started this now.
4. I have lined up a special array of goodies that you won't find in this way anywhere else. And each of the goodies, every single thing I'm putting into the retreat is being done so with love and thought and what will best serve each participant. (The feedback I get at every event speaks to the power of doing this and I'm happy to do it.)
5. You'll meet really great people and hear what they're working on and learning.
6. You'll get in on the front end of something really great because Bootist Leadership is here to stay and it's just going to grow. Be one of the first to join in this new way of congruent and fun leadership.
7. You'll get ideas for helping your team become more of a connected, congruent and engaged Bootist Team. (This is another workshop, but doing this work for yourself has ripple effects.)
8. You'll have access to resources that no one else will (these are limited resources in time and quantity and Bootist Retreaters get first dibs.)
9. You'll eat well and develop a whole new relationship and mindset with boots, 12 hugs and cupcakes.
10. We're nice, fun to hang out with and committed to helping you get what you want out of this retreat. Just look at it as Summer Camp for Leaders with us as your Camp Counselors.

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Back from NYC, Summer Camp For Leaders...Don't Miss It!

I'm just back from NYC where I've been meeting with clients, talking with people about "Bootism, 12 Hugs & Cupcakes," and eating really really good food. One of my visits was at the Fancy Food Show where I was able to set up some very cool treats for the Bootist Retreat. Please don't miss this event. Seriously. It is going to be a good time focused on YOU, in your life, and YOU, leading in your business. How many opportunities do you get to just work on yourself for 2 days to help your leadership become more effective and rewarding?

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The Art of Bootist Leadership™: A Special Two Day Retreat - July 24th & 25th, St. Charles, IL

retreatThe Dare To Engage® Team and I will be hosting a Bootist Retreat in St. Charles, Il on July 24th and 25th where I'll share the Art of Bootism and help you integrate it into your own life and leadership (if you so choose)! This retreat will help you identify and create your own Bootist Path, improve your leadership, and begin to design the life, relationships, businesses, cultures and results you want.

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