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Video: What Do You Mean, You’re Too Busy to Innovate?!


You want to innovate, you want to create, you want to do things differently than you’ve ever done them before...but you’re TOO BUSY?! “THEY” won’t let you be creative? You can’t innovate when you're busy. You can’t innovate when you’re worried about THEM letting you innovate.
“Busy” is one of the things getting in the way of creating amazing things in the world.

Anese Cavanaugh3 Reasons Why Busy Gets in the Way of Being More Creative

  1. Busy is your default...or it’s your badge of honor. You say you’re busy like you say you’re fine...or you feel like it makes you look important.
  2. You're not prioritizing, and you're afraid of saying no to people. You don’t want to disappoint so you say yes to everything.
  3. Your attention isn’t focused in the right place. You’re not connected to the things that tie into the impact you want to have in the world. This one is HUGE.

If we can shift our focus and look at why we're doing what we're doing, and what impact we WANT to have, that opens up a whole new level of focus and attention.

4 Places to Look to Get Rid of Busy

  1. Why do you do the work you do — as an a company?
  2. What impact do you want to have with your life? Get present to the feeling in your body when you tap into the Why. Are you feeling emotions stir up? That’s your entryway to unlock creativity.
  3. Get quiet and listen to yourself. Then take anything off your table that adds to Busy — the shoulds or they-won’t-let-us or we-can’t-do-that. Your primary job to tap into innovation is to get rid of Busy and shoulds.
  4. Take everything off your list that doesn’t serve your outcome. From here you'll find your next steps and get ideas for how to innovate. Don’t smack them down because you don’t know how to do it. That’s fine, don’t sweat it yet. Just keep moving over the mountain of "I Don’t Know How."

How to Innovate Out of Busy [Video]



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