Leadership Between the Lines

Intrinsic Motivation = Smart Leadership

Simple leadership musings from the trenches: motivation

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Positive Energy and Beliefs = Positive Impact

Simple leadership musings from the trenches: energy & impact

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Simple leadership tips…quality and results in leadership

The quality of our relationships, partnered with our willingness to be real, take risks and be vulnerable, dictates the quality and results of our leadership. Our willingness to be real, take risks and be vulnerable makes us human and relatable. Our care, attention and nuturing of people and relationships makes us worthy of trust and being related to. Creating trust - true trust - in relationships is key. High quality relationships are built on that trust. Leadership is about relationships.

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Is Your Organization Healthy? In Every Sense of the Word?

When people think of health, they tend to think of physical and emotional health. Energy, vitality, healthy eating, exercise, etc. are all very important things and something that I've been integrating into my leadership work with execs for years. But there's also the "organizational health" --- the health of the whole organization.

Of course there's the physical component and benefits - less lost time, injuries, health care costs, etc. but there's also the mental, spiritual and leadership component. If you look at the DTE Bootist Leadership® Model, and specifically "Tenet Three" of Bootism™ (to receive my latest publication please opt in on the right hand side), which is about "health, vitality and personal nourishment of the leader and organization," you'll see that creating a healthy organization means not only that you're attending to your own health, and your employees' health, but also to the health of your organization as a whole, its spirit, and relationships.

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The Energy of a Vision...

I was working with a client today who's got a vision that would move any man, woman, or child to tears. Truly, no exaggeration. I spent an hour in goose bumps. As we get more into his work and he wishes to take it broader, I'll likely share a bit more about it, but in the meantime, thought I'd share one of the key themes from the call. Not one of us is immune to this gift/tool/resource...What is it? The Energy of Vision...and 3 guiding principles that help move it forward:

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