Leadership Between the Lines

Remembering what counts... And counting the ways.

                    Make it count. Make it count.

What counts?

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Mirror Mirror on the wall...How do you create respect?

The way I see it, there are two general ways to come at respect - be entitled to it and expect it; or be generous with it and earn it. Both are real approaches. Both bring completely different energy, elicit completely different emotions, and create completely different impact.

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Leadership super power "vitamin e: exhilaration"

I'm working on a couple of articles right now - one on "leadership vitamins". Yep.

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Lead/Beek/Run 4-9: Drama, Deciding & Competition

Create the space...mark that calendar

10 days in, 9 classes in, and...uh...yep, only 4 runs in...and "behind" on blog posts. It's been a buzz! Remember I said I wasn't sure what this series would turn into? Well yeehaa! It's turning into something I didn't expect. A series I'll be posting on just once a week, cuz...let's face it...there's a lot to do besides posting here. (And truth be told, I'm super behind on other writing commitments that need my attention yesterday!) So while I thought I'd be here ever 2-3 days, you're just gonna have to trust me and make up the rest on what is going on in the lead/beek/run challenge. I'll be posting weekly on the lead/beek/run challenge. But stay tuned, cuz I have some additional energy/relationship/leadership blog posts a brewing...and they're feeling kind of juicy!

So what has the last week brought besides 6 classes and 2 runs? For one, I have a deeper level of appreciation for creating space (not only on the calendar, but in my head) for getting "in front of it" with training, nutrition, sleep, etc. I'm learning to schedule my training/nutrition like I schedule projects. It helps a ton. (Full disclosure, the picture above is me leading a business retreat for some clients, but it could be me marking my training calendar!) Secondly, remember how I was concerned about being an extremist and I'm either all in or all out and how would that impact my intentions? (I think that was in post 1 of the series.) Well, I'm over it! Yep! Totally evolved! (LOL.) This, I suppose, is the gift of being so physically present that I don't have time for the drama of extremism/all in/all out mentality. (Either that, or it's a simple survival/thrival tactic I've adopted - either way, it's feeling good.) I've decided that as long as I'm showing up 100% (and only I know), I'm cool. Just because I miss a class or a run or a post, does not mean all is lost. It just means climb back on. Pop quiz: Where does this "extremism" theory apply in your business and/or life? And where will the "climb back on" approach serve you? Go for it!

What else has this week brought? New awareness around "drama, decisions, and competition." Come on now...

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Lead/beek/run – 3: Peace lives in presence & neutrality

I got my lead/beek/run "aha" this a.m. before I even stepped into the hot room. Driving in I noticed how neutral I was feeling. Neutral and present and calm. Open to whatever the morning brought; in everything from the morning class, to the morning client calls, to the morning run (yes, it's time to start amping up my running), and the morning projects (I am in the middle of a big project, which you will soon see the fruits of on this blog.)

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