#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Could you use an extra 5 or 15 days for your life?

Hello in August!

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5 Questions (and "Answers") to Increase Your Leadership Confidence Now

I was working with a brilliant business leader last week on her leadership impact with her team. She's smart, huge heart, highly talented, and wicked quick (I'm heading to Boston right now as I type -- excuse me while I get my "Boston" geared up). She needed some support with some of the team dynamics she was seeing -- specifically around trust and safety on the team. She also had a strong sense she was a part of creating said dynamics.


We got to work. Dug in. Half way through our conversation I asked her three questions:


What was she doing to take care of herself on a daily basis? What was her level of self-trust? And how kind was she to herself?


Simple questions. I was curious.


She burst into tears.


This is not uncommon.


I get to work with all sorts of people in all sorts of industries, in all sorts of positions, in all sorts of rooms, and at all sorts of venues.


Here's the thing, no matter who the human, the industry, their position, or their intended impact... these humans engage to be even better. They Show Up to lead.

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10 Things to Say or Do to Get Your Life Back

No doubt, there is a lot going on for people and business right now. I know there always is -- and this last month alone, with the level of growth, break ups, business reboots, politics, and downright drama - up-leveling, creating your life, healing, navigating authentically, and making magic (your way) are all on my mind.

No matter where you're at right now in this moment; feeling crowded, heart-broken, conflicted, in too much pain to stay but too comfortable to go, frustrated, completely overwhelmed, or overjoyed - in regards to a personal OR business relationship or whatever - here are 10 things you might try, do, or say to work your path over and move forward more powerfully. Take what serves, toss what doesn't, and tweak at will to fit your big beautiful life and impact.

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Are You Cool or Cruel With Your Feedback?

I was facilitating a multi-team session recently when the topic of dealing with "tough employees" came up. Apparently there was an employee who was making everyone's life miserable. And no matter what they did, he wasn't shifting. They didn't feel like they could fire him yet, so they just worked around him, tolerated him, complained to each other, and hoped it would get better.

Or that he would go away.

They said they'd done everything to address this situation.

They had...They had done everything except:

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Your Environment: Leadership Kryptonite or Super Power?

You come home from work, walk through your door, and feel... exhausted. You get into your car, notice the to-go coffee cup (from 3 days ago) and your kid's Cheese-Its crumbed in the back seat... agitation spikes. You walk into your office, it's dark, stuffy, messy... energy dips, resistance comes in. You go to write on the white board, and have to move through 4 pens until you find one that works... broken flow and contraction. (Bonus points, if you put those 4 pens back into the bin to create this experience again and again. Oh, come on, you know you've done this.) You go on a date or meet a colleague for coffee and the noise, the lighting, the whatever, is not great...distraction, lack of presence, the "ick".

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