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Leading Your “Work/Life” Balance This Summer, Part 2

Last week I talked about 5 ways to "be" to enhance your work/life balance: flexible, present and aligned with your body and its wants and needs, an energy stand for self-care, present with your people, and efficient. If you practiced and embodied the energy of these this week—or even added them into your intentions—you're a step ahead of the game. This week, let's take on the "do" of optimizing your "balance" this Summer.

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Leading Your "Work/Life" Balance This Summer, Part 1

It's Summer time! For many of us that means school's out, our kids' schedules are completely whacked, and demands on our time and attention are even higher as even though "school's out" — business is not. Unless you have camp or the Magical Land of Grandma and Grandpa's to send your kids to for the Summer, you may be trying to figure out how to still lead a great business, do solid work, and be an awesome parent/spouse who doesn't let another summer slip by.

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5 Ways to Connect and Build Trust With People

You're leading a team meeting, your employee asks you for feedback or advice, your kid wants an extra bedtime story, your spouse really needs you to listen to her, your investor has a couple of questions, your client wants to run something by you. Everyone wants a piece of you, and there's not a lot to go around and not a lot of time. You have one million and one things going on, only one of you, and you have to Show Up. One more request or demand, and you might just implode.

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How to Set Boundaries When You're Busy

The energy of busy is killing us.

Yes, killing us. How's your life right now, dear reader?

Busy? Full? Crazy? Overwhelming?

You have your business, your life, your wife, your man, your kids, your friends, family, and pets, your mortgage...

It's daunting.

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Do Not Go Into the New Year Without These 7 Things

You head into a New Year, a new venture, a new relationship, a new agreement, a new... anything. And maybe you "hope" for the best. Maybe you set some goals and intentions. Or maybe you're so "busy" you fly by the seat of your pants and pray that luck and inspiration will get you "there". 

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