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Prioritizing Personal Energy Accountability in Your Organizational Growth Strategy

As the leading experts in culture-optimization strategies, the Active Choices, Inc. team is at the forefront of workforce trends and leadership growth frameworks to support and create a resilient and sustainable organizational culture.


In 22+ years working with client partners, we’ve found that a common challenge many executives experience — but often don’t realize they are dealing with — is how best to encourage energy accountability with their leadership teams and workforce.


Energy can be a complex issue to assess and address: it’s intangible, and it’s often perceived as “woo woo” and low on the priorities list when it comes to leadership development. Energy management frameworks are prevalent in personal development, and not traditionally implemented or successfully integrated organization-wide.


Even though energy may seem like an abstract concept to incorporate into your company’s annual objectives and key results (OKRs), data shows that it’s the underlying problem of culture optimization that is worthy of a front-burner prioritization.

Your people management team may even be already attempting to tackle this dynamic culture issue with a variety of approaches (engagement surveys, skills training, wellness campaigns, etc). But without a focus on the underlying energy that each person in your workforce brings to the organization, these strategies are often unsuccessful and not sustainable. 

Additionally, current trends show that employee engagement and workplace culture energy will continue to decline in 2024, and prioritizing a sustainable growth plan and company-wide approach is essential to the health of our organizations, our people, and our global well-being.  


Personal energy accountability is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in your employee experience journey. With employee stress at an all-time high and 50% of the workers who quit are quitting their managers, future-focused leaders must think differently about energy in their workplace culture and how it relates to the entire organization’s performance (and not just attraction, recruitment, and retention). 

Ready to explore more about personal energy accountability?

  • Read about ACI’s IEP Eco-System framework for creating sustainable growth in your company culture.

  • Read Contagious Culture and/or Contagious You by Anese Cavanaugh (CEO of Active Choices, Inc. and founder of the IEP Method®)

  • Contact us to learn how ACI’s proven methodology and other strategic frameworks through the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ have helped large organizations with leadership, innovation, and sustainable culture optimization.

  • If you are currently experiencing challenges in leadership and culture, innovation and design, or learning and development (or have something coming up that you know will test these capabilities), we’re happy to talk and explore how we might work together to create an effective, sustainable solution. Contact us to schedule a connection call.

  • Join us for our next invite-only Executive Forum, designed for executives and senior leaders who are responsible for culture, leadership, innovation, and performance. Request an invitation here. 


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