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The IEP Eco-System: Creating Sustainable Growth in Your Company Culture

In our previous article, we shared insights around focusing on the importance of energy accountability with your leadership teams and workforce. 


With current trends showing that employee engagement and workplace culture energy will continue to decline in 2024, prioritizing a sustainable growth plan and company-wide approach is essential to the health of your organization, your people, and your well-being globally.  


How can you encourage the importance of energy, well-being, work-life balance, and modeling self-care in your organization while maintaining bottom-line results and performance standards? Fortunately, these two things, while seemingly competing priorities, work together to strengthen the sustainability and impact of the organization. One leverage point here is to create an eco-system that supports and inspires an inside-out approach enabling personal energetic accountability AND high performance for each individual. 


At Active Choices, Inc., we partner with executives to take a holistic view of increasing your overall business performance through culture optimization. Using our IEP Eco-System framework, we create a micro and macro view for executives to assess and create a plan for impact that addresses all the competing priorities.


Here’s a quick overview of the premise for the IEP Eco-System: 


An ecosystem is a system that environments and their organisms form through their interaction – the quality of the eco-system impacts… everything. We can apply this principle to any natural system, including organizational culture. Whether you are viewing the bush in South Africa or the workforce in a company, we find ecosystem components linked together through cycles and energy flows. 


The health of any type of ecosystem is reliant on interconnected relationships, communication mechanisms, diversity and resilience, adaptability, feedback loops, and sustainably managed resources. Understanding these similarities can offer valuable insights for leaders and individuals in shaping positive workplace cultures that mirror the resilience and balance found in natural ecosystems. 

Example of the Organizational IEP Eco-System Framework

IEP Organizational Eco-System


By recognizing the importance of each person’s contributions and their “IEP” (Intentional Energetic Presence®) within the IEP Eco-System, executives can encourage and empower their leadership teams to not only excel in their roles but also contribute to a positive and sustainable organizational culture. Plus, with the IEP Methodology frameworks we use with our clients, they are able to create a common language and shared accountability to support a healthy eco-system.


Utilizing ACI’s Eco-System framework provides the inside-out approach to culture optimization for creating future-focused and sustainable outcomes. It helps leaders assess how they are contributing to the company culture through their thoughts, feelings, energy, and actions — for better or worse — and how to take personal accountability for these elements. Additionally, doing this work as a team, creates a common language and a new level of shared accountability for ensuring they create the culture and results they intend. 


When we uncover issues with an organization’s IEP Eco-System, it’s often due to a lack of intention, energy, presence and misalignment across the workforce.


ACI helps organizations apply these principles from both a company-wide and individual perspective. Our individual eco-system tool we use in programming ensures a solid and sustainable inside-out plus outside-in approach. When executive leaders are able to holistically focus on both, it’s a force multiplier that creates successful and solid culture change. 


This holistic approach to leadership development focuses on the deeper energy of your organization, and can easily scale out into your entire workforce. We offer fuller versions of these frameworks in our enterprise training tracks and executive consulting as well as in our membership programs.

If you’re interested in exploring  ACI’s organizational and individual IEP Eco-System frameworks, contact us to schedule a connection call.

Our clients have found that focusing on intentions, energy, and presence and ensuring their eco-system is set up to support all components of the organization, creates excellent quick AND sustainable results, and is a wise investment in the long-term success and well-being of both individuals and the organization as a whole.

How to learn more:

  • Join us for our next invite-only Executive Forum, designed for executives and senior leaders who are responsible for culture, leadership, innovation, and performance. Request an invitation here.

  • If your team or organization is experiencing challenges with lost time, retention, collaboration, leadership, burnout, or engagement, it’s very possible that the “problem” is not the problem you may think. Your eco-system and organizational “IEP” may need some attention. Contact us to schedule a conversation to explore how we might help.

  • If you’d like to keep ACI in mind for future strategic support, we’d be delighted to connect. Contact us to schedule a capabilities briefing. We’ll spend some time learning about your company and share an overview of our offerings so we can more easily work together when you are ready for our services.


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