Leadership Between the Lines

The 1 Thing Your Clients Aren’t Telling You (and What It’s Costing Your Company)

I refer a lot of people to a lot of different companies and vendors. Coaches, trainers, therapists, services, products, you name it — if it’s something I think will serve someone I’m working with, or one of our students, they get an introduction.

Recently I had a client who I thought could benefit from one of my contacts’ wares… I told him I’d make an introduction… and then I didn’t. I waited. And waited some more. Truth was. I didn't want to make the introduction. I wanted the client to have the product, but for some reason, I didn’t want to engage with the vendor. Yikes. Why?

In a word… Intuition and energy.

The vendor’s main contact, who’d ultimately be the main point of contact for my client, had some pretty low vibe energy. My intuition told me it wasn’t a good match. Wanting to check myself, I checked in with another client I’d referred in the past. How was it going? What was their experience like? Happy?

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3 Leadership Skills You Should Never Compromise

My daughter and I took a little vacation up the coast. It was beautiful, weather perfect, simply lovely. But I made one huge mistake that almost cost us the trip. Due to last minute planning, I put us in a hotel that I’d booked against my better judgment and compromised our environment.

A couple of years ago I had a speaking engagement overseas. Due to scheduling and trying to save the client money, it ended up that I’d have only one day of acclimatization time, fly 12 hours sitting up with no sleep, and be on stage right when it all hit. Bottom line, I’d compromised my self-care.

Last fall I got “set up” to meet a new friend for coffee. A quarter coffee and 10 minutes in, he talked all about how tough it was to work at his company, how worthless his boss was, how much it sucks to be divorced, and more niceties (he talked fast). I felt twinges of my life force trying to leave my body, and 18 minutes later, I was out the door. Had I stayed, I’d be compromising my “posse”.

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Is your language limiting your joy and discrediting your leadership?

Know any of these?

I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

“I’m so so so busy. I have no time to create what I want.”

“It’s not my fault.“Aghhhh… I’m happy enough."

Of course, they’re all related. If you’re too busy to create what you want, and you’re getting no sleep, and nothing is your fault, then it makes sense that you might be “happy enough”. If you hold that self-care is not important, then of course you’re going to be overwhelmed, and happy enough will be enough (and of course it’s not your fault because you are sooo busy). See? We could do this all day. They all relate.

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7 Commitments You Can Make (and Keep) in 2016 for High-Impact (and Energized) Leadership

January! You're deeply back in the office, you're many days into new resolutions, goals, intentions, promises to self, commitments—whatever your fancy. By mid January (right about now), many will ditch all of these. Apparently there's even a little holiday called "Ditch New Year's Resolution Day" on January 17th to honor this fact. Did you make it through? Make some changes? If you've thrown in the towel or even if you're just wavering now—there are some things you can consider to help take yourself and all those great intentions and commitments with you gracefully, powerfully, and successfully, into 2016, well past January.

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3 Leadership Super Powers for Joyful Success

I was in New York on business working with clients last month. Flying cross country in the middle of December is always a bit of a gamble with weather, holidays, winter bugs, and delays, but I’ve found it’s also one of the most meaningful and intimate times of the year for non-pixelated connection and conversations, so I went.

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