#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Inc.com: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Executive Presence

"I'm a top performer, I'm doing really well, our company is hitting our targets, but apparently people think I'm a jerk and I don't know why."

This from a rock star who was killing it in results at her company but also leaving "dead bodies" and a trail of tissues behind with her team.

This is not uncommon--I see it all the time. Great performance, wicked talent, awesome people with unintended impact. An easy fix if the person wants it to be.

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How to Go From Showing Up to Creating Powerful Results

When I walk into a room to work with a group, I can usually tell within the first 5 to 10 minutes how solid the outcomes will be, and how tangible we'll be able to make them, simply by how people are showing up in that room. (Truth be told I get a sense of this way before the meeting just in the way the hosts set intentions and plan for it.)

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Keys to unlocking your team's potential ... and keeping your best talent

The level of disengagement in the American workplace is staggering. But the solution is as simple as getting consistent feedback from your employees and providing positive feedback in return. [tweet_quote hashtags="@iepmethod" ]This feedback loop has been shown to increase employee engagement[/tweet_quote] as well as boosting creativity and productivity while improving retention.

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Your Intentional (or not so intentional) Energetic Presence

True story, I had to share.

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Leadership super power "vitamin e: exhilaration"

I'm working on a couple of articles right now - one on "leadership vitamins". Yep.

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