#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

How to reboot when intentions fall apart.


This week has been devoted to intention. I've written about the what, the why, and the how. Now, how about when despite best intentions, it all falls apart?

You're clear on what you wanted to create, your heart was in it, you worked your intention from a "being" and "doing" standpoint, used your 5 Steps (on the IEP Sheet) to make it even stronger, and then... meh. Fizzle. Nada.

Now what?

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How do you set an intention?


So how do you set an intention?


If you've read the last two morning's posts and can see how intention relates to you, you're halfway there.


There are two parts to setting an intention:

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What is an intention? (And why is it important?)


This is part of the "transforming busy and overwhelm" blog series I mentioned yesterday.

[4-minute read, 727 words]


The power and quality of your leadership is directly related to the power and quality of your intention...

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Are You Measuring the Right Stuff to Support Your Best Personal and Cultural Health?

Last year I went to the doctor for my physical and was told that while my all systems were running awesome (BP, blood work, etc. – thank God), my BMI (body-mass-index) put me in the “high” category – had I tried exercise? My body fat was 20.5% at the time (healthy), I exercised five days a week, prioritized sleep, and ate super clean 93% of the time (wine, chocolate, and a really good taco are necessary pleasures in my world), and I felt great. I was grateful I understood BMI. I was also grateful that my body felt solid, that I felt healthy, and that I knew I was taking care of myself. That was my measurement.

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Leadership Presence: 3 Essential Principles


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