Leadership Between the Lines

Are You Trick or Treating? A 5-Point Guide to Congruent Leadership

In the spirit of today's holiday, these points are dedicated to “trick” — leading inauthentically and wearing a mask, or “treating” — leading congruently, no mask, just YOU.

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5 Meeting & Mindset Hacks -- For you and your team's health, productivity, and clarity.

Are you spending a lot of time in meetings? How about in your head? Both have value. Both overdone are exhausting. So this week, try one or all of these five ways to make your meetings and mindset better. 

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Getting comfortable with your discomfort


How far you go with your leadership is directly related to how comfortable you can be with your discomfort. It's going to be harder to lead at your greatest edge, grow people optimally, have hard conversations, hold boundaries, and stretch out of your own comfort zones if you're not comfortable with being uncomfortable.

How well you can hold space for another human being is directly related to how comfortable you can be with your discomfort. It's going to be harder to hold space for someone to be in their own pain, to be angry, to be struggling, to be in their own discomfort, (or even to be fully shining and rocking it!), if you're not comfortable with your own pain, anger, struggle, discomfort, and shining.

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Are You Measuring the Right Stuff to Support Your Best Personal and Cultural Health?

Last year I went to the doctor for my physical and was told that while my all systems were running awesome (BP, blood work, etc. – thank God), my BMI (body-mass-index) put me in the “high” category – had I tried exercise? My body fat was 20.5% at the time (healthy), I exercised five days a week, prioritized sleep, and ate super clean 93% of the time (wine, chocolate, and a really good taco are necessary pleasures in my world), and I felt great. I was grateful I understood BMI. I was also grateful that my body felt solid, that I felt healthy, and that I knew I was taking care of myself. That was my measurement.

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Do You Rescue, Help, Take Care of, Support, or Serve?

I worked with a client recently struggling with giving his employees feedback; he’d give it, but they didn’t seem to take it or make any shifts that indicated they were absorbing it.

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