#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Remembering what counts... And counting the ways.

                    Make it count. Make it count.

What counts?

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What do you stand for? What impact will your leadership create?

What impact do you want to see in the world? Do this to do that. What impact do you want to create in the world? Do this to do that.

This is not a question to be brushed over. Yet maybe my shortest blog post ever.

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Are you the weakest link? 3 ways to "hold your space" in leadership.

The lowest energy "wins".

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Leadership Rocket Fuel... Four ways to get into the "zoom zoom zone".

When I work with clients I'll often ask them to take regular "white space" for themselves. This white space is open, reflection and self-care time. It's time to think and be. To consider what they're doing and who they're becoming. To be Present. To Vision. Dream. Breathe. That's it.

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Leading through the "dark"... Keep going, let your "light" shine.

A friend of mine, having just released an inspiring and best selling book, is getting all sorts of flack, for all sorts of reasons. Most of them dark, none of them exactly life affirming or making her want to put herself out there more. A client of mine, who's just launched a fantastic initiative, is learning that a whole new set of "people problems" come from being successful. This realization has him questioning how big of a game he really wants to play. One of my students, after receiving an award in her industry, is baffled by the "odd vibe" and reserved sense of celebration, bordering resentment, she is feeling from her family. A sister of mine (don't worry, I have many, her identity is safe here, and all my sisters do cool stuff so good luck trying to figure out which one), steps into something a-m-a-z-i-n-g (amazing!) only to find the oddest of critics and critiques in the most random of places.

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