#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Cultural View vs. Cultural Do: 7+ Steps to Shifting Culture

ID-10018387I was recently interviewed for an article about creating better cultures. A study had been done looking at how companies actually view the importance of culture and what they actually do about it...

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7 ways you maybe "killin' it" with your leadership (and not in a good way)

93% of Impact is in how you "show up"You lead your company. Your team. Your life. It's all good... Except when it's not.

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How to lead energized and effective leadership team meetings

I was working with a couple of clients this week helping them think through a big meeting next month for their team. The usual suspects showed up: What outcomes do we want? Why are we having it? Do we really need to have it? How can it be as meaningful as possible? How much time do we have? What might come up that we need to be prepared to work with? Who needs to be there? You know... that stuff.

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The Art of External Processing in Leadership

I have a client I absolutely adore. She has a heart of gold. Intentions to the moon and back. A desire to make people feel valued and cared about. A commitment to transparency and open communication. And a hunger to lead well.

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The "number 1" most important quality in leadership - Part 2.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a word cloud that represented responses from a group of senior and executive leaders in one of my LinkedIn groups - "The Design & Innovation Leaders Network: A Private Community Building Creative & Authentic Cultures". The actual query was "What do you consider to be the #1 most important quality in leadership?"

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