Leadership Between the Lines

The "number 1" most important quality in leadership...

What do you consider to be the number 1, most important quality in leadership? If you could have only one quality, take only one quality "with you", what would it be? No right or wrong answers here, just curiosity. Whatever is true for you is what makes you...you.

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"Receiving" as a leadership skill & 7 solid reasons to receive better

Okay, I've gotta write this post for the gentleman I just got off the phone with (you know who you are.) If he allows me, I'll give him attribution for inspiration, for now, I shall call him "Guido". Seven (yep 7) solid reasons for climbing on the receive wagon await you at the end of this post, but allow me to build up to them with some context and drama.

I have a little rule and it goes something like this...if I am experiencing extreme gratitude, awe or respect for someone, I do everything I can to let them know. (Many a friend/client/colleague/child/family member has received a spontaneous call, text, or shout out of such - not enough, but many.) I don't do it every time (that would be almost impossible because I feel this way about 73% of the day for the people in my life), BUT, if it comes up a couple of times, or if I have a strong sense to do something about it; a call, a note, or a text is bound to happen.

And when I do honor this sense, the only job of the recipient, the only thing I ask, is that they receive it. Really receive it. I mean...LET. IT. IN. They don't even have to say thanks - I just want them to feel it, and to know that they've had impact; they've "changed" me, in some way, for the better...

When they receive and let it in, I feel it. And I feel good. My being is impacted. I have connected and shared my truth, and it has landed "over there." Someone knows they matter - a lot. My day is better. They are likely energized. They're bound to pay that energy forward in some way. The world is a better place.

But this art of receiving...this is not always easy. I say this as a teacher and a student...receiving is a leadership skill.

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